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Thank you very much for visiting our new I Hate Perfume website! You've no idea how hard or how long we've worked on this so I SINCERELY hope you enjoy it!

We know there's quite a lot of content, plenty to read and many scents to explore so we've tried very hard to make this new site much easier to navigate, a good deal simpler and (hopefully) much more fun to use.

Is it perfect? No, it is not. There are still a few areas that remain to be filled in and we still have quite a few images to photograph, edit and post. I apologize for this but frankly M and I have been at work on this for such a long time, we just wanted to get it UP. So please do bear with - we're working on the details as quickly as possible.

We'll also be adding some fun new features and functions in future as we figure them out. But for now, the important stuff is there.

So again, Welcome! And Enjoy!

Best Wishes,


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