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   CBMUSK is a deep scent with a rich animal/erotic presence. It seems to fade into the skin causing the natural scent to glow.

   CBMUSK is beautiful on its own or worn as a base with other scents


   True Tonkin Musk no longer exists in the contemporary world and I personally loathe synthetic versions generally they make me sick. I've learned over the years that I have particular chemical sensitivities to many of the aromachemicals used to recreate musk and I'm not alone in my dislike for those scents.

   So this is my own interpretation of what I'd always imagined real musk to smell of. Whether it does or does not, I cannot know. I can say however my version is unlike anything currently called musk.

   I make CBMUSK only in absolute form. This is a very rich scent that wants to be worn only in specific place

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