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Visit CB Olfactory

Would you like a private tour of CB Olfactory? Well, we are happy to oblige and very glad to arrange visits for our clients.


Given the current pandemic we have some protocols to ensure the wellbeing of you as well as us: 


We are open for visits on Friday, and Saturday

by appointment only 12:30PM - 4:30PM

at our factory: 373 4th St. Jersey City NJ, 07302


(If you know what you want we can arrange pickup (pickups subject to local sales tax) 

Monday through Friday during business hours without an appointment)


We are open to vaccinated individuals and small vaccinated groups.


In Order to visit us you will need:

  • A CDC issued vaccine card or a digital copy for you and everyone in your party 

  • Government-issued id or digital copy (to cross-reference vaccine card)

  • A mask

  • a body temp in a normal range

  • some form of card payment (if you are going to be buying things)


  Upon arrival to the building masked ring the bell and we will greet you with a contactless thermometer you will have your forehead scanned and if your temperature(s) is within normal range you will be granted entry where we will verify vaccination cards and ids. Remain masked until you enter the smelling room. While actively smelling products you may remove your mask, while interacting with our staff you will re-mask. We have gone cashless to remove the handling of money and have a card reader for secure card payments.


  When you visit, you can see exactly where your scents are made, meet the people who make them, see some of the olfactory art and installations I’m working on at the moment, try new or experimental scents and, of course, smell absolutely everything we make - including a great many scents that are available nowhere else. 


  Because these studios and workrooms are where we actually WORK, the space is constantly changing and evolving so there’s usually a lot of New to experience each time you visit. And though we are NOT a store and NOT open to the general public, you WILL be able to purchase anything we offer for sale - and you can do it at your leisure, graciously and without distraction. 

PLEASE note that private tours are STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT. The ONLY exception to this rule is Tilda Swinton. If you are not Tilda Swinton, you MUST have an appointment. This is to make absolutely certain we have properly prepared so that you have the very best visit possible and so that our work is not disrupted. 


  Making an appointment is quite easy - simply email and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please note that we do prefer you email to arrange a visit. We may have questions for you, you may have questions for us and a brief email exchange makes everything clear. 

Now, in order to insure that your visit is a gracious experience for all concerned, I ask you keep the following in mind and observe a few basic conditions:

  • We do ask for at least 24 hours’ notice.

  • Small groups may require more advance planning. 


  Please let us know your main interest in visiting. Would you like a thorough tour? Would you like to smell through the entire collection? Would you like to sniff through selections from the archive as well? Would you like simply to stop by and pick up a bottle or two of your favorite scent which you can find nowhere else? All these are entirely possible but knowledge beforehand will help us to properly prepare.


  We do prefer to know how many people will be in your party. Individuals and couples are not generally a problem. Small groups are fine as long as I can schedule enough assistants to be on hand and, again, we may need more advance notice. Should the number of people you plan to bring change before your visit, please let us know. 


  PLEASE make sure you DO NOT wear perfume, cologne or any other personal fragrance on your visit. There are two reasons for this. One, should you wish to try on anything here, the scent you arrive in will definitely interfere and you won’t get an accurate idea of the new. Two, I am EXTREMELY sensitive to a great many other “fragrances” and would truly hate to have to ask you to leave because your fragrance has made me ill. 


  Because this is a working studio where scent is made, this is really not a suitable place for small children or pets. The place is full of chemicals and bottles and I cannot be responsible for anything smashed, spilled or inappropriately drunk. 


  Please note that photography of any kind is STRICTLY forbidden anywhere inside the building. Those who ignore this rule will be asked to leave immediately.


  I am always perfectly happy to welcome and spend time with clients who have a personal interest in or may already be quite familiar with my work. In fact, I enjoy meeting such people very much and often find these visits quite inspiring. So when you visit, chances are quite good you’ll be meeting with me. Olfaction is a unique, individual experience which is why I like to keep the channel between myself and my clients/customers as direct as possible. I definitely want to hear what you have to say about scent. There is no fee for private individual tours. 


  Under special circumstances, I may also be willing to arrange visits for those with more professional interests. For example, if you are engaged in any kind of “trend” research, wish to visit on behalf of another company (even your own) or are employed in “the industry”, you MUST make special appointments and your intention must be made PERFECTLY clear. Such visits must be carefully vetted and approved by us beforehand. A fee may also apply depending on the nature of your visit. Email with details and for more information.


  However, and I truly hate to have to spell this out explicitly, under NO circumstance will I agree to appointments with “aspiring” or “amateur” perfumers. I receive well over a thousand such requests annually and I do not have the time - or indeed the interest - to meet or advise even a fraction of them. I’ll warn you, I can spot such people almost immediately and you WILL be thrown out should this be you. You might contact me again AFTER you’ve been PROPERLY trained. 


  Lastly, I have always maintained that “perfume” is a gracious, civilized experience and your visit here should be exactly that. I assure you we will all stand on our heads to make certain that it is.


  I sincerely hope you leave here happy, excited and more knowledgeable about the Olfactory Experience and the Art of Smell. I want you to step out my door with a far greater appreciation of the millions of scents you encounter in the world and - most importantly - the miracle of your
very own Nose. 

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