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This one is for all the loyal fans of 2nd Cumming. 

A good many people were very sad when we were forced to retire 2nd Cumming from the collection. Unfortunately this is what has to happen to perfumes when ingredients are no longer available. I hate to disappoint people so I decided to rework 2nd CUMMING as closely as possible. And now we have AFTER PARTY. 

AFTER PARTY is a musky, sweaty (okay, quite sexy) scent that makes the skin smell like you've been dancing ecstatically for hours. The scent of AFTER PARTY is almost but not quite exactly the same as 2nd CUMMING used to be. The overall effect however is every bit as good. 

2nd CUMMING will always remind me immediately of Alan.  Hardly a surprise as I made it expressly for him. But strangely even though AFTER PARTY smells almost exactly the same, it still reminds me of something quite different. It reminds me of dancing. 

When I came to New York, I began to dance. At Studio 54, Danceteria, Underground, even The Saint. Nell’s, Palladium, Tunnel, Limelight, Area and Mars. The Pyramid Club, Save the Robot and the World. And then Sound Factory. 

Rather later on in Brooklyn, clubs bored me so I danced at parties in artist’s studios, lofts, old warehouses and factories, abandoned theaters and on rooftops as the sun set - or rose. In the summer I danced at festivals in meadows and forests under the stars. I danced anywhere, and as long as, the music was GOOD. It was exhilarating and ecstatic. I rarely felt so alive and I danced until it was over. 

Afterward as the sun rose, I would often chill with friends. We’d cuddle up talking quietly, listening to music while the adrenaline ebbed away. 

Maybe it's weird but I've always loved the way the skin smells after a long night of hardcore dancing when it's been drenched in good clean sweat for hours. That's the smell that After Party is all about: the scent of exhilaration. 

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