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When I stop to think about it, it feels to me as if New Year’s Day was about three months ago. Honestly, I can't remember a longer or more exhausting January in my life - and believe me, that's saying something.

But now - dire though things still be and much as remains to be done - Hope burns a little brighter than it has in years and at last, it feels like there might be something to celebrate.

But please do not become complacent. Keep being vigilant. Continue to change what is wrong, fix what is broken, build what is better, protect and care for those in need. Heaven knows there is much that must be done.

However, DO take a moment to Treat Yourself!

Please use code TYS2021 at checkout for a 15% discount on all scents. I'm afraid this doesn't apply to gift certificates but everything else is fair game. Offer extends until midnight February 1st.

Very Best Wishes for the New Year!


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